XM Radio – Update

This is an update on the XM Satellite Radio that I wrote about earlier. I was able to improve the installation in the Matrix by adding a bracket that mounts it to the right of the radio and angles it toward the driver. Also, I wired the power inside the dash so I wouldn’t have to keep using those bulky power plugs. The Sony dash unit was useful in that it has an Aux input that allows the signal to go straight from the XM Radio into the Sony unit. The direct connection is definitely an improvement over going through the FM receiver. Below is a picture of the XM radio in the cradle and hooked up to the Sony:

Matrix XM Installation

I bought a second cradle to put in the RV so that the XM radio can be moved from the car to the RV easily. The only problem on the RV is that its radio (Panasonic) doesn’t have the handy aux input. I initially tried the method of having the XM transmit to the FM receiver, but that didn’t work too well because the FM antenna is so far away on the roof of the RV. I ordered an “FM Direct” option from Delphi that allows it too hook straight into the FM antenna wire coming into the head unit and that solved the signal problem.

On the subject of XM radio, there have been some rumors that XM could be merging with Sirius.