JQuery UI Autocomplete and MVC3 Remote Validation Conflict

On a recent project I had a great deal of trouble to get JQuery UI Autocomplete and ASP.Net MVC3 Remote Validation to play nicely with each other. The goal was to have a type-in for selecting a city for a search in which the pull-down would auto-complete based on the available cities in the database: Once a city is selected from the autocomplete it should do a validation as to whether the city is populated with actual data in the database (in case the user types in an invalid city:

Force Database Initialization in Code First EF

Continuing on the previous post about using the drop-in Altairis.Web.Security membership provider, I ran into an issue where the database may not be recreated in a timely fashion on a change to the model classes. For example if you add the following property to the User class: public string FullName { get; set; } And change the initializer in the ApplicationDB.cs class to drop and create the database on model change:

Code First EF 4.1 with the Altairis Membership/Role Provider

Problem with Current Membership/Role Provider I’ve always thought the default membership/role provider for ASP.Net is a bit heavy in that it is targeted by default to a different database than the main application database and takes several additional steps to set up and deploy. I found the Altairis Web Security Toolkit on CodePlex and it has a nice, simple schema that is easy to integrate that into your application database. It is also available from Nuget as Altairis.