Papers Please – Ruling Against Nevada Rancher By Supreme Court

Bad news today – the Supreme Court ruled that the police have a right to arrest after asking for one’s identity, even if there is no probable cause. “The Supreme Court has again given police greater power to stop and question suspects, ruling Monday that a Nevada cowboy could not refuse to give his name to officers who tried to question him along a roadside.” Further Info on CNN This was a real blow to privacy and civil rights advocates.

Financing Health Care For Needy Via Botox Tax

The Issue One of the problems we have in this country is that we have a lot of people that don’t have health insurance. There are lots of reasons for this. Sometimes the response is “well they can always go to the county hospital.” I think this is a bad response because visits to the county hospital are usually only for emergencies and don’t include checkups and preventative care (e.g. cancer screening, blood tests, etc).