Cowboys Did Something

I was really impressed by the rookie Julius Jones on the Monday Night Game last night. I even stayed up for the whole game and was rewarded by an unbelievable comeback by Dallas. He will help the offense a bunch by finally providing a credible running threat. Some notes on the Monday night coverage by Michaels: He kept going on about the receiver (Keyshawn) being out of the endzone on the touchdown that got Dallas back in the game with a couple of minutes left.

NFL Coaches – What’s the Measure of a Coach?

An interesting question came up as I thought about Dave Wannstedt quitting as head coach of the Miami Dolphins in the middle of the season and read the Page 2 article by Skip Bayless. When a team wins a Super Bowl, everyone is trying to hire the assistants, hoping to catch the magic. The question is “What makes a great coach?”. Is it a fiery dictator, like a Ditka or a Lombardi, or is it an architect of offenses or defenses, like a Walsh or a Belicheck?

Cowboys Stadium Passed – Team Gets Intercepted

It was probably inevitable, but the Dallas Cowboys stadium initiative passed in Arlington last week. This corporate welfare will be paid by the taxpayer and the majority of the benefit will go to Jerry Jones and associates. To the credit of the opposition, they put up a good campaign against it and kept the voting close. The stadium will be paid for by an increase in the local sales tax and the other usual suspects (rental car and hotel taxes).