Software Development

Code First EF 4.1 with the Altairis Membership/Role Provider

Problem with Current Membership/Role Provider I’ve always thought the default membership/role provider for ASP.Net is a bit heavy in that it is targeted by default to a different database than the main application database and takes several additional steps to set up and deploy. I found the Altairis Web Security Toolkit on CodePlex and it has a nice, simple schema that is easy to integrate that into your application database. It is also available from Nuget as Altairis.

Magic Pen and Paper

I bought a magic gadget from Best Buy called the LiveScribe smart pen and paper after watching a colleague using it for making notes during a meeting. Technology The smart pen is really a small computer with an infrared camera analyzing a series of micro-dots in a matrix pattern on paper (originally invented by Anoto in Sweden). You write as with an ordinary pen on special notebook paper and the pen also optionally records audio.

Linode VPS Hosting

I decided to learn more about VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting and set up an account with Linode, a leader in affordable Linux VPS hosting. Basically a VPS host gives you a “slice” of a computer to use for hosting where you’re guaranteed a certain amount of the computer’s resources. Also the virtual operating system is isolated from other user’s systems so you won’t be affected if somebody else on the server fouls up and pulls too much resources as can happen with shared hosting.

Windows Live Writer

I just got Windows Live Writer set up and so far it seems to be a very nice way to edit a blog. It has a great preview function so you can see how the blog is going to look before you publish it, even before you save it as a draft locally to your computer, or publish it on the website. You can download Windows Live Writer from this link: Download Windows Live Writer.

Better F1 Help for Visual Studio

The F1 Help key can be frustrating because it is very slow to invoke on Visual Studio. I figured out a way to make it faster by having it bring up a browser rather than the MS help. This technique will also work with the currently highlighted word. Use the following steps to make this happen: Use the Tools > External Tools menu. Add a new tool as shown in the top image below.