Remembering Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs Billboard Different

Steve brought a lot of greatness to the world. I remember buying my first Apple computer back in early ‘82.  It was an Apple II-Plus and I remember how cool it was that it did color graphics with a TV output. My brother and I were playing the Swashbuckler game right after we got it out of the box. It was also fun and easy to program in Applesoft Basic. Then along came the Apple IIc which was small and easy to haul around, although it wasn’t a true laptop. I then got distracted by the “Amiga” computer and didn’t buy another Apple product for a while but we bought an iPad last year and have really enjoyed it.

He was great in that he stuck to his principles went against the conventional wisdom again and again (Apple Store, iTunes, iPad, etc).  He listened to his own inner voice and vision, and turned a company that was on the ropes into the leading technology company.

He was great in his emphasis on design and taste. His lessons on minimalism in design and functionality should be an inspiration to us all. The modern Apple machines are well designed, well built, and more like easy-t0-use, instant-on appliances rather than complicated computers that take forever to start. The whole concept of knowing what to leave out and keeping it simple are great design principles that Steve used to create products that are easy to use and understand.

Thanks Steve, you were insanely great.